Smile. Breathe. Play. Explore.

Zimizam is a holistic tool for children that incorporates calm techniques, routines, exercise, positivity and exploratory play.

Who is it for?

Zimizam's app and activity cards can be used as an additional reward-based tool to supplement children’s daily learning module, encouraging them to explore different themes, discover the outdoors, practice mindfulness and physical activity.

Teachers and parents looking to engage their children in a different format would benefit from Zimizam too! The app and activity cards aim to keep children active, focussed and rewarded, improve their overall physical and mental health, and get more comfortable going outside.

Tech for Good

Zimizam addresses physical activity, exploratory learning and mindfulness in one platform.

The app and activity cards are teacher/parent led, rewards based and fun! They provide individualised attention and promote inclusion (group capability).

Most of all, Zimizam is relevant, educational and emphasises positivity and mindfulness.

Smartphone app

Zimizam is available on the iOS App Store, and is coming soon to Android store. Users have the option to connect using their phone or tablet.

Users will be able to experience Zimizam through bluetooth headphones to begin their journey!

COMING SOON: Additional features like the ability to track the number of steps, heart rate, calories burnt, weight, location.

Let’s get active worldwide!

Parent x teacher led

Choose what they want the child to focus on - outdoor play, staying calm, exploring, exercise.

Rewards based

Children are awarded stars when completing an activity! Develops soft skills like confidence, awareness, a sense of pride & happiness. 

Learn through play

300 exciting activities, 50 sport and exercises, cool avatars - engaging and fun! 


Incorporates positivity, mindfulness, exercise & exploratory activities all in one platform.


“My son enjoyed the morning routine and getting the stars. Usually brushing teeth and getting dressed results in bribery and lots of negotiation - but after we had looked at the app last night he actually asked for the app for his morning routine! I had no resistance from him with brushing his teeth or getting dressed as he wanted to gain his stars! THANK YOU.”

“He enjoyed and found the slow breathing signals useful and the prompt to smile was met with a huge smile from him.”

“I like the way that the breathing and smiling are interspersed with the activities (of which there are a wide range!) and that the rewards are simple and immediate.”
Youth Sport Trust