Zimizam’s aims are:

  • To create a fun environment, encouraging learning and physical activity in a non-traditional format

  • To improve social skills, encouraging educational exploration in a rewarding way (individual and/or group led)

  • To emphasise positivity and mindfulness - reducing anxiety and providing a sense of calm and focus

  • To provide an additional learning tool to Support Workers who work directly with neurodiverse children.


Zimizam’s founder Matthew Trytell has been a tennis professional for over 10 years, coaching children with special needs over the past 8 years in his London-based sport centre.

Zimizam emerged from Matthew’s own experience working directly with children with special needs and seeing the benefits of both physical activity and mindfulness which he incorporated into his lessons. Parents reported that their children slept more soundly and focussed better in school.

While amazing work is being done on an individual level, Matthew believes that more sustainable programmes globally are needed to tackle inactivity, and there's more room to upskill teachers and coaches.